2. Deploy PGAP-X

It is very easy to deploy PGAP-X on your personal computer.

2.1. Deploy on Windows

  • Download windows version PGAP-X file.
  • Uncompress the file to whereever you want.
  • Double click the exe application to start.
  • All Done! So easy!

    2.2. Deploy on Linux

    There are some traps when deploying on linux, so please read the following instructions carefully especially the Red Words

  • Download linux version PGAP-X file.
  • Pay attention to the version of your operation system(i386/x86 or x64).
  • Uncompress the file to any directory you want(say: ToolDir).
  • Pay attention do not use any blank or space in your directory. You can use numbers[0-9], letters[a-zA-Z] and underline in your directory, but no other characters say Chinese language or any space.
  • Enter the directory.
  • Make sure all applications are executable by using command "chmod +x pgapx" and "chmod +x ./thirdparty/*" .
  • Use command "./pgapx" in terminal to run.
  • All Done, Cool!